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David Morgan

Role: Judge for Innovation Prize Pitches
Affiliation: Safe Patient Systems Group

Currently Medical Director SPS and a part-time NHS Consultant Surgeon at Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust and Associate Professor at the Clinical Research Institute, University of Warwick.
He was the Surgical Specialty Advisor to the National Patient Safety Agency (2000-2006). In 2008 he founded Safe Patient Systems Ltd following a 10 year privately funded research programme into the medical applications of Artificial Intelligence, co-authoring 10 AI publications and 6 patents including the medical use of neural networks on mobile phones and in addition has published over 80 medical publications.

Digital technology can result in a paradigm shift in healthcare if the problem is understood and the correct technology deployed. It must be simple to deploy, require limited infrastructure and provide significant advantages to end users. This presentation will discuss 2 case studies:

1. Use of an android platform to manage MCI events with reference its use in an anti-terrorist exercise.

2. Use of a windows based platform to deliver first class healthcare to pregnant women and children in rural Benin

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