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Dan Campsall

Role: Invited Speaker
Affiliation: Road Safety Analysis

In addition to his role as a founder and director at Road Safety Analysis, Dan is a Trustee of the Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport Safety. In the last decade, he has played key leadership roles in partnerships and projects with national significance including the multi-award winning MASTonline project; his recent work on behaviour change and strategic social marketing has been presented at a number of leading international conferences. Dan has developed accredited training courses that are being rolled out to industry professionals and is regularly used by major news networks as a spokesman on road safety.

Road traffic injury is often overlooked as part of the global burden of disease, and yet it is the number one killer of 15-29 year olds around the world, with 3,500 lives lost every day on our roads. Meanwhile the continued growth of motorised road transport works is potentially in conflict with healthy and sustainable mobility.
Digital solutions have the potential to unlock active travel, reduce collisions, expedite emergency care and improve environments in such a way that the health benefits would be huge, but we face a number of dilemmas.
How can policy, regulation, civil society, industry and global institutes embrace the data science and a digital future to alleviate the burden of global road death and injury.

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