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Jay Kola

Role: Invited Speaker
Affiliation: Operon Limited

Jay Kola is a medical informatician with a unique set of skills spanning medicine, healthcare standards, knowledge representation and software development. He is a fully qualified doctor and holds a Masters in Bioinformatics. He is an expert in medical terminologies and knowledge representation with experience with National EHR (and eHealth) initiatives in Sweden, Singapore and the UK.

In the era of cloud computing, developers are increasingly relying on remote APIs based on RESTful interfaces to build scalable systems. However, healthcare systems are not usually built around RESTful APIs or scalable cloud architectures. In this talk we explore how it is possible to take a scalable, standards based approach to building healthcare infrastructure. This resulting approach takes the form of a platform (Platform as a Service) that is based on UK & international standards like OpenEHR and SNOMED CT. We address how such a PaaS built on standards based components allows easier interoperability of electronic health records (EHRs) and could also reduce barriers to adoption of standards and EHRs in clinical practice.

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