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Vik Bakhru

Role: Invited Speaker: Digital Tools in Practice
Affiliation: ConsejoSano


Dr. Vik Bakhru is the Chief Operating Officer at ConsejoSano, a leading venture-backed health technology platform for Spanish speakers. Prior to ConsejoSano, he held roles as Chief Operating Officer of First Opinion, Inc., a digital health startup, Chief Medical Officer of Abercrombie Kent Global Health, and a Director at New York Presbyterian Hospital/The University Hospital of Columbia and Cornell in New York City where he managed an annual spend base of $600 million. He is a member in the American College of Surgeons, the American Medical Association and the American Telemedicine Association.


This session will share insight on the dynamic value of telemedicine in helping physicians, care providers and healthcare professionals streamline consultations and improve patient care while developing trust between providers and patients.

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