DPH 2019 Innovation Prize

Organised by the DPH Conference

Thursday 21st November 2019 at 14:50 – 16:20, Les Goudes 1


Technology has the power to transform digital public health. Partnerships between academics, healthcare leaders, digital specialists, industry partners and more, are driving insights into the successful development, implementation, and adoption of new digital health technologies and innovation.

The DPH Innovation Prize marks a celebration of success, innovation and business in digital public health whether that be through establishment of game-changing partnerships across sectors/disciplines, creation of cutting-edge technologies or novel use of big data or data systems.

During the Innovation Prize session, teams shortlisted from our open-call for applications held earlier this year, will be invited to present a 5-minute pitch of their digital health product or service to an international panel of judges from across the digital public health sector. Judges will score teams on a range of criteria including innovation uniqueness and prizes will be awarded for categories of ‘Best Partnership’ and ‘Best Data-Driven Innovation’ at the DPH 2019 Gala Dinner on the evening of Thursday 21st November.


Carrie Peterson

WHO Europe

Michael Ter-Berg

Thomson Screening Solutions

Jonathan Grinbaud

Enterprise Europe Network


Congratulations to the following teams who have been shortlisted to pitch by our review panel!

Best Data Driven InnovationXipei Ren and Bin Yu (Eindhoven University of Technology) LightSit: an unobtrusive health-promoting system for relaxation and fitness microbreaks at work Read the team’s entry
Best Data Driven Innovation Daria Tserkovnay (The Vaccine Confidence ProjectTM)Innovative use of machine learning in extracting attitudes towards vaccination from Russian social media Read the team’s entry
Best Data Driven Innovation Wolfgang Orthuber (NumericSearch)Information is selection from a domainRead the team’s entry
Best Data Driven Innovation Xipei Ren (Eindhoven University of Technology) Step-by-Step: A Social Exergame to Encourage Physical Activity and Social Dynamics among Office Workers Read the team’s entry
Best Data Driven Innovation Gaurav Kaushik, Amit Gupta, Kapil Dev Soni, Narendra Choudhary and Ankita Sharma (JPNATC, AIIMS) Development of web based electronic platform for road traffic injury surveillance at apex trauma centre in India – An Innovation Read the team’s entry
Best Data Driven Innovation Anwar Musah, Georgiana Birjovanu, Adrian Rubio Solis et al. (University College London, CIDESI Mexico, Universidade Federal de Pernambuco)The ZIKA platform: an innovative system for the real-time surveillance & early detection of increased mosquito populations in North Eastern region Brazil Read the team’s entry
Best PartnershipLuis Saboga Nunes, André Pereira, Anabela Picado and Enadio Moraes Filho ( ProLiSa; Centro de Investigação em Saúde Pública, Escola Nacional de Saúde)mhealth tools and quality of life: a work setting assessment of health literacy (HLS-EU-PT) and wellbeing Read the team’s entry
Best Partnership Ahmed Yaogo (Groupement Hospitalier de Territoire Nord Ouest Vexin Val-d’Oise) iPresc – Health information management with “entire trajectory” and “whole life” perspectives Read the team’s entry
Best PartnershipSwapnil Gadgil (Therapy Box)ATLAS: Automated Transcription and Language Analysis Software to identify children with Developmental Language DisorderRead the team’s entry
Best Partnership Patty Kostkova, Caroline Wood, Sade Ogunsola, Georgiana Birjovanu, Patrick Okonji et al. (University College London, Lagos University College of Medicine)The GADSA Project: Gamified Antimicrobial Stewardship Decision Support App for surgical prescribing behaviour change in Nigeria Read the team’s entry