Digital Technologies in the Humanitarian Context

Plenary session being run as part of the DPH 2019 conference


The panel will address the latest developments in the application of digital technology to humanitarian scenarios, and will include representatives from a selection of stages. Major themes will be (1) capacity building using technology, and (2) integrating big data collection and just-in-time usage in the field. The speakers will first present the efforts of their institutions. A following panel discussion will then address the common challenges the panelists encounter. One such challenge is the training and capacity building arising from the integration of digital technology into the daily operations of humanitarian response. Another is the incentive structure to encourage the documentation, storage, and sharing of digital resources across efforts, which ensures the longevity of created resources. Finally, governance structures ensuring the collection and reuse of digital resources while conserving privacy, ownership, and responsible reuse.


Paul Lalvani

Empower School of Health

Javier Teran

United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs

Francis D’Silva

Director ‘Smart Care’, CGI Healthcare and Life Sciences

Raphael Brechard

GIS and eHealth Coordinator at Medicins Sans Frontieres